Heart of a lion.

Life is repetitive, just as living a traditional lifestyle, life should never be regulated by restrictive traditions. I see life in a wide spectrum of colors that others don't notice I live life with a open mind and a huge heart. My soul can be intimidating but very welcoming. Welcome to the spread of random assortments and things that I find inspiring and intriguing. My name is Jalon Love, I'm 23yr, and from So-cal. I'm studying psychology, in love with the rave scene, and pursuing relocation to San Francisco, CA. Want to know more send me a message.

In Absents

So I feel like I dropped a lot of my old good habits like writing. Sometimes I just need to let out all my thoughts with ink. The thing about writing say like a journal, every day or at least once a week I feel a little bit better when I overcome a problem. Then go back and I read what I wrote and feel very accomplished. So I’m going to try to at least get into the habit of writing again starting today.